5 Best positions to reach orgasm and enjoy sex

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Sex has always been the most wonderful and vital thing for our mental and physical health. There is nothing that can be compared to him. In fact life can be measured in what you do or stop doing between sex and sex. It can improve our mood, make us less stressed and facilitate better sleep, in addition to enjoying life, pleasure… and that it is a creative energy. Yes, there is no doubt that the benefits of having sex are numerous. Therefore, whenever you can, do not hesitate and make love or have a good fuck. One way to increase your enjoyment of sex is to introduce a little variety into your sex life by trying out various sexual positions. If there is one thing that there is no shortage of, it is sexual positions. Since ancient times, and beyond, human beings have been devising sexual positions in all shapes and forms, some of them very crazy. However, you don’t always have to seek out the weirdest positions to have great sex, and there are a handful of reliable positions you may not have considered.

1. The butterfly

The butterfly is an exciting and perfect sexual position to practice a good porn. since it usually occurs in an improvised wild way and in exceptional places. for example at the office table with your secretary, you can also do it with your neighbor when you are going to fix a drain in the kitchen or even with your partner or lover on top of the washing machine or on the dining room table at a meal or passionately exciting dinner that makes you can’t wait to get to bed. It consists of when you are very horny and excited, throw everything on the floor to the ground while you place your girl on top, stretch her on the flat surface, stand up and place her legs on your chest, even crossing your legs to that the clitoris rubs against her more and the vagina stays a little more closed. Then you grab her ass with her legs on top of you and start penetrating her like there’s no tomorrow, hard and deep. It is perfect because the image is beautiful and by having your legs quite closed you can perform a penetration with a lot of friction, both for your big hard cock and also for her on her clitoris

2. The cat

This is a very passionate and romantic position as well as pleasurable and exciting. It is a very similar position to that of the missionary, with your whole body close to her body but placing yourself a little above. Instead of being chest to chest, your chest is close to your partner’s shoulders. Have him bend his legs about 45 degrees to tilt his hips up. In this way you can with your pelvis and the movement of your penetration rub her clitoris very much, which will facilitate her orgasm. The penetration is very deep downwards due to the position of the body that is slightly upwards. It is a perfect position to enjoy the body and full contact since the bodies, although not perfectly aligned because the man’s body is above, are completely in contact, glued to each other, to enjoy the sensations in all your skin, since this is the largest erogenous part we have in our body. Therefore and in this way, the orgasm will be very felt by all the skin and very enjoyed.

3. The Doggy

This is one of the classic sexual positions but it cannot be missing from the list of the best positions to achieve orgasm and enjoy sex. The reasons for this are the following: pleasure, control and deep penetration are the main ingredients of the classic puppy position. It can be done with the woman on all fours on the edge of the bed or on a chair and the man standing, but it also allows for a very successful and more relaxing variant for you, which is both of you kneeling on the bed to be able to hold on to the body of your lover and enjoy all her curves and grab her breasts more easily than if you were standing and she was on all fours. (although perhaps this variant could be called the horse) The man maintains total control over the fuck, while the woman relaxes and enjoys a deep penetration that stimulates the G-spot, as well as herself or in the variant of the two on her knees, her clitoris can be massaged very easily.

4. Against the wall

This position is perfect to do it in unconventional places where you don’t have much time to do it, such as in the restrooms of a party, a shopping center or in the middle of a little busy alley in the middle of the street. In this position you are going to fuck your partner or lover with a lot of passion and after eating her with kisses and grabbing her ass while you give her some hot spankings, make her face the wall, lift her skirt, take off her panties and you begin to embed her and penetrate her with all the pleasure of the most passionate and appetizing sex that exists. Few words can be said more about this position. Quick sex, in a moment of extreme heat. Try it and enjoy a great orgasm!

5. The cowgirl with the body backwards

In this position you will be able to be more relaxed stretched out on the bed and you give control and the rhythm of penetration to her. You can enjoy the best scenery ever. a beautiful attractive naked woman with her body thrown back (so that the hard cock can rub her G-spot more forcefully) and you can enjoy seeing her entire beautiful body with her breasts in the air and bouncing with each movement and also her pussy as it rises and falls around the erect cock. You can also caress her clitoris, grab her breasts and see her neck and her hair in the wind while she moans with pleasure over and over again. If she leans on your knees with her body backwards, it will be much easier and simpler to perform the movements since she will have a point of support to help herself. Great position for her to reach orgasm and it is always important to maintain good communication to tell her if at a specific moment she has to go faster or slower depending on the ejaculatory needs you have.


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