How to increase pleasure and improve male orgasm

It is usually thought and also taught that the male orgasm is intimately linked to ejaculation, but these two are independent processes although they can often go hand in hand. You can perfectly have a male orgasm without having any external ejaculation. In this way we feel intense pleasure running through our senses without having to end the sexual relationship for having ejaculated. You can also have a cold ejaculation without orgasm at times when you are having sex or masturbation in a mechanical way and without feeling the moment or the excitement in the present. But always or almost always we have been conditioned to think that the male orgasm is when we get an outward cumshot from our erect penis, when semen is simultaneously expelled and at the same time we have the taste and the orgasmic sensation.

Orgasm is characterized by having a series of muscular contractions in the pelvic area and in the sexual area, unleashing intense pleasure, an intense physical and psychological sensation of an explosion of energy.

In orgasms that occur simultaneously with ejaculation, and especially because they usually occur quite quickly from the beginning of the relationship, the orgasm usually has a more localized sensation and explosion in the genital area. this is what is traditionally taught and predisposed in the minds of men in relation to their sexuality. But the truth is that the other type of orgasm, the one that is separated from ejaculation and therefore can be had several times in the same relationship, is similar to the process of the female orgasm where it is sought and found in a more gradual way. with a slower process and more sense and it is here where we can have an orgasm that runs through our entire body from top to bottom causing extraordinary and very pleasant sensations throughout the body, much more explosive than the one that concentrates only on the genital sensation

The most erogenous zones of the male body

These are the most erogenous zones of the male body where you always have to seek or have the intention that they be stimulated by yourself or by the woman with whom you are making love, in order to have greater pleasure and better sensations when it comes to sex. making love and therefore at the time of having our wonderful and glorious orgasm throughout the body. All the skin is an erogenous zone in itself and according to each person and each individuality and their tastes or preferences or fetishes there will be some specific parts that are more pleasant and stimulating than others.

Sex area:

This is the most obvious part represented by the penis but also by the testicles, often the great forgotten ones and it must be taken into account that there are a lot of nerve endings in the balls and therefore susceptible to receiving pleasurable stimuli there too. as well as in the perineum area and in the groin on the sides of them.

The neck:

The neck and ears are also very sensitive areas that can make us enjoy a lot if the girl we are making love with knows how to stimulate them correctly. A few kisses, a few bites or simply a caress in these areas can unleash immense waves of pleasure if they are done at the right time and with the right sensitivity.


As in women, also in men it can be pleasant caresses on the buttocks or some slaps in those moments of euphoria and maximum excitement, where all rubbing and slapping can be received in very good taste.


Knowing how to calmly enjoy the kisses of the art of kissing and caressing with the tongue is another of the classics to increase arousal and to keep it active throughout the sexual relationship. You can play in different ways depending on the moment and you always have to be attentive to these sensations. from slower and softer, playing with the eroticism of the moment to more wild and passionate in moments of extreme heat.


The entire front part of the man, both the chest and the abdomen are areas perfectly susceptible to receiving caresses, bites and scratches to stimulate sexual sensation in the area and increase pleasure and sensations while increasing the connection with our lover and much larger bonds of intimacy are reached.

Back and legs:

The same thing happens in these areas, although it may seem less erogenous and less present in caresses or sexual action in a moment of frenzy and passion, they are areas with nerve endings and therefore can be a good complement to the others. areas to be stimulated and thus help to have many more pleasurable sensations throughout the body.

Techniques to enhance pleasure in orgasm

To enhance the pleasure in the male orgasm, it is essential first of all to understand 1 that orgasm and pleasure increase depending on the arousal we have and 2 that the arousal is as long as possible.
With these two fundamental basics we are managing to have more intense orgasms and sexual pleasure and also taking into account as we commented before stimulating most of our body and our mind during the sexual act.
In other words, the longer the time of the sexual act lasts, the more areas are stimulated during the relationship, including the psychological part of the sexual act, that is, everything that has to do with psychological games, power games, even Β«dangerousΒ» games such as doing it while outdoors with the possibility and risk of getting caught dramatically increase the pleasure and sensations.
And last but not least, it is very important to take into account the breath in all money of the sexual act, especially in those moments in which we feel that we are about to explode and cum, it is when we must stop for a while, relax and breathe deeply to that all that energy concentrated in the genitals is dissipated and distributed throughout the body.

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