The 7 most important things to practice anal sex

Before trying anal sex for the first time, read these guidelines so that it is safe and pleasant

The 7 most important things to practice anal sex. Anal sex is one of the top sexual practices today. For a long time it has been a taboo practice and, either it has not been practiced out of suspicion, or it has been practiced with the utmost discretion and without telling anyone. In this sense, it is very normal that there are many girls who are still a little scared and prefer not to practice it because they do not know if they are going to have pain or because of the emotional impact. But this practice is a reality today. It is a very pleasant sex when one loses fear of it and it can also lead you to experience new things with your partner and get out of the routine when it comes to practicing intimately with her. In this article we are going to explain the most important points when you want to practice anal sex in a calm, relaxed, pleasant way and, most importantly, without pain. (click here if you want to see a porrn xxxxx video of anal sex)

1 – Relaxation and being very calm is essential

For this sexual experience, it is highly recommended to have a lot of time and to have enough relaxation to prevent the muscles of the anus from closing due to nerves. with which, it is also highly recommended to practice it in reliable company, with an already established and confident partner. Therefore, take a holiday to enjoy this practice and be open to trying new sensations, having fun and feeling great pleasure. Although it may take a bit of practice for everything to go perfectly well.

2 – Anal hygiene is important before starting

As you can imagine, a lot of bacteria and fecal matter are concentrated in the anal area. So it is very important to wash the sphincter before starting to play. For this you can use what is called an anal enema. The enema consists of introducing through the tube, warm water into the sphincter, so that the last remains of fecal matter that may remain within the area are expelled. In any case, have some wet wipes or a towel on hand for anything that may happen, or it is no problem, it is cleaned and continues.

3 – Lots of lubricant

The anal area, unlike the vagina, does not have a natural lubrication that makes the area open up little by little. So what we are going to use is tons of lubricant, both in the anal area, as well as a lubricant on the penis, so that when it is inserted the penis flows smoothly and painlessly into the ass.

4 – Stimulate the area with one and two fingers first

As we said before, the anus does not dilate naturally when in a sexual relationship you are very excited. therefore and fundamental is that first of all you stimulate the area of ​​your partner with your fingers. First you can massage her in circles around the anus with a lot of lubricant, in this way the area relaxes and so does she in general. Once this first step is fine, it is when you can start to insert a finger in the ass of your girlfriend or lover, at this moment you can already be enjoying the sensations that practice brings. Also and highly recommended to have practiced vaginal sex before so that the girl is already somewhat hot and has that predisposition to be dilating and to be relaxed. So while you dilate with the penetration of a finger first and then with two fingers at the same time, you can also be stimulating the clitoris (or she herself will naturally do it) so that the whole area is warm.

5 – Penetrates with a smooth and slow rhythm

Once the area has been dilated with the fingers, it is time to penetrate the anus with the hard dick, but you have to take into account and especially if it is the first time or there is not much experience in this regard, it is advisable to control the rhythm of penetration to avoid small fissures in the anus and wounds in the area. As it is an area that does not dilate naturally and also tends to have the opposite function, of contraction, it is very normal that due to the nerves at first it can hurt a little or be a little uncomfortable. In this sense, it is highly recommended to have a very open and transparent communication with your partner and be attentive to the reactions that they may have. Do not be in any kind of rush and go stimulating and playing with the area calmly and with total confidence. So it will be much better at the beginning to have a slow, smooth penetration and in constant presence of the reaction of your partner or friend.

6 – Do not go from anal sex to vaginal sex

Taking into account the bacteria that live in the fecal matter, it is completely recommended to avoid possible infections, change the condom from anal to vaginal sex in the case that you are using it if you have more modesty, or in the case that you are not using a condom, do a cleaning of the cock with some wet wipes so that the entire area is completely sanitized.

7 – Anal orgasm

Finally and to end this wonderful sexual practice you have to bear in mind that it is very likely that your partner will have an orgasm, Yes! anal orgasm. For this you have to have been very relaxed, calm, have a lot of patience to dilate the area with a lot of lubricant and of course, have enjoyed a few hours of sex and intimacy in all its maximum splendor. There are a lot of sexual endings that are shared between the vagina and the anterior anal wall, even from the clitoris, with which with a practice in confidence, your partner will be able to reach the peak of pleasure with the maximum climax, the orgasm practicing and enjoying anal sex.

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