The 9 most common sexual fetishes among men and women

Cataloged by moral and social conventions as rare, perverse or even sick, these sexual erotic practices, although unusual or not as unusual as people think, have their public

What are your sexual fetishes? Do you have one of them or several? Do you share them with your partner or do you keep them secret?

When it comes to sexxxx and everything that has to do with desire, there is no written rule about what you should like or not, we all have our crazy things, our tastes, our own preferences and fantasies, but, according to the Experts, when it comes to fetishes, there are a few that they all have in common.

For human beings, anything goes, with love, without love, with oneself, with three in bed, with ten, in public exhibitionism, role play, bdsm and power games… The possibilities are endless. The social and moral convention considers some of these sexual fetishes from strange to lurid, but as strange as it may seem, for many they are pleasurable. And what are we going to care what others say, eh!?

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All these fetishes are called ‘paraphilias’. And Paraphilias are a type of behavior that is characterized by a sexual act in which pleasure is not obtained in the conventional way, but rather, atypical sexual acts. When talking about sex, the physical aspect is almost always explored and we tend to forget that the mental process is very important. Our brain is a very powerful weapon and, if we manage to stimulate it, the sexual experience really becomes more intense, more exciting, juicier and more fun. That is why people like to experiment with fetishes so much. These are some of these sexual practices that could be considered Ā«unusualĀ»:


Somnophilia is a type of fetish in which sexual desire is turned on by having sex with a person, either with your own partner or with someone unknown when they are asleep, whether it is sex with penetration, touching, inserting your fingers or simply smelling something. the sleeping person so that they can masturbate without the other person waking up. This excitement is increased by the fear that this person will wake up and be discovered. But it can also be done as an agreed game with your partner, so that from time to time in the middle of the warm night, take you or take her to a very wet surprise.


Many have the fantasy of being dominated or physically dominating the other person, this paraphilia implies that spanking, light blows, choking, slapping the face, hair pulling… and other types of physical contact excite the person who receives them and those who give them . People who like to hit are called sadists, thus causing physical pain, suffering and / or humiliation to the other person as sexual erotic pleasure. People who like to receive those blows, suffocation, whipping, that humiliation and feel the pain in the sexual act are masochists. These types of practices are delicate and must be practiced with awareness and caution and always maintaining fluid communication between the people who practice it in order to set the limits in case they feel exhausted.


In this fetish we are going to find all those people who get excited when they see another person pee on their clothes, or also the one usually called ‘golden shower’ where the person feels pleasure and excitement by receiving the piss of the other person in their own flesh. another person. There are even those who like to drink the pee or simply see how the other person is peeing in the bathroom and masturbate with it.

High heel shoes

It is a type of fetishism in which pleasure is obtained by observing the other person as they wear high heels or how they play with those heels by inserting them into their holes, through the pussy or ass and licking them as if you were a huge cock. hard that runs all over your mouth. There are those who also like that heels step on them and cause pain in the body or even in the testicles or face.


It is the sexual interest in the feet since it awakens in the subject a sexual arousal and an erotic interest as great as intercourse itself. It is mainly related to the feet, but this fetish can also be easily related to the arousal by unusual body parts a priori for erotic and sexual art in a relationship. And these can be the hands, the hair, the armpits… It is one of the most widespread paraphilias or the one that is most explicit about it. Sexual desire and arousal is achieved by caressing, kissing, licking, smelling or using that fetishized part of the body for masturbation.


This is one of the most creative since it allows you to explore different games in different scenarios and thus satisfy different sexual fantasies that we all have and often think about. In addition to being erotic and exciting, performing those role-playing sexual games helps to be dynamic in a relationship and change the routine to add more emotion and fun.

Psychological power games

Using psychological games of power to be able to bring out your most dominant part or your most submissive part is another of the most enjoyed fantasies and used by all couples in the whole world. In these games there are usually orders, discipline, privileges of one of the parties and even humiliation and all this as a form of excitement and erotic sexual pleasure to spice up relationships and thus be more dynamic and creative in bed. In these games there is usually no type of physical pain (except for small slaps) since above all what is sought for excitement is the psychological game of domination and submission.

Voyeurism / exhibitionism

Taking into account how private sex is and how much people reserve it only for the most intimate and personal moments, we have another of the most popular and funniest fetishes that is having sex in public places or outdoors. This fetish can also be satisfied for many people by secretly spying on someone who is naked or who is having sex in their own privacy and without any desire to show themselves.

Threesomes or orgies

In such a conservative society that has repressed sex as something impure and something taboo, we also find one of the most common and exciting fetishes for anyone, whether men or women, which is having sex in a trio or in a group. It is a way to break the limits and get out of the routine and also a way to take sexuality in a more natural and relaxed way by sharing it with several people at the same time. In the case of long-term relationships, it is also a way to get out of the routine and try new things to always be enjoying sexuality and eroticism at its best.

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